Winter 2016 Install Fest

The new semester is starting and we are preparing for our biannual install fest.  The event will take place on Thursday January 14th.  Information about upcoming events can be seen at

If you are willing to volunteer, then we will be having a pre-install-fest training meeting at 7:00PM in 1170 TMCB on Wednesday the 13th.  We also need help advertising for this event in various CS classes.  If you are taking a CS class this semester then look at the following sign up sheet and follow the instructions thereon to help out with advertising for the club this semester (It can be as simple as writing the name of our website on the board before class). Feel free to share about the club in your other engineering and IT classes as well.

Our opening social will be on Thursday January 21st and we will be having an expert talk about security in Linux.  The follow up workshop will focus on implementing good security on your own Linux machine.

At any and all Linux club events you are free to bring your own questions about Linux and we will be there to walk you through and help out with all of your Linux needs.