STEM Fair Volunteer Opportunity

Hey guys! You may not know this, but since the Linux club was started last fall semester, we have been unfunded and have relied on the generous support from Utah Open Source, Bluehost, Suse and some of the club presidency members. (Thanks guys!)

But now we have an amazing opportunity to get some self-earned funding for our club! BYUSA has promised that any left over funds from the upcoming STEM fair will be divided between any clubs who have members come and help with the event! The more people who show, the more money we will receive.

We are asking for volunteers to come and help out with both the STEM fair and our club. As a note, this will also be a good opportunity for volunteers to rub shoulders with a number of the employers present at the fair. If you are interested in signing up, follow the link and make sure you sign in as a Linux club member.