Assistant Linux system administrator

Assistant Linux system administrator – On campus ( crabtree )

Assist full-time CAEDM systems administrators in maintaining Linux servers and workstations in the BYU Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology.

– Great Learning Opportunities
– Convenient Location
– Create your own schedule

– Develop custom code for back-end server infrastructure and student workstations
– Install and configure Linux workstations and servers
– Install open source and commercial software packages
– Maintain department website
– Create documentation
– Help students with computer lab questions

–  Friendly, Personable, Conscientious, Trustworthy
– Excellent Problem-Solving Skills & Love of Discovery
– Experience installing and using Linux
– Familiarity with the Linux command line
– Programming/scripting experience, especially in BASH, Perl, or Python
– Additional experience with any of the following is also beneficial (but not required): PHP, Git, SQL, LDAP, HTML, NFS, TCP/IP, VMWare, Xen,, MS Windows, OS X, Hardware

Application Instructions:
Email resumes and questions to
Must have regular and consistent attendance at scheduled shift.

End of Semester Lan Party

We’re having a lan party for the end of the semester. We’re playing League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Brawlhalla, and Rocket League or any other game you want to play. You’re welcome to bring your own,especially if it’s Super Smash Bros. We’ll be in room 111 TMCB December 14th at 7:00 PM.

Notes from setting up a home server

Notes from setting the Setting up your own home server meeting:

Like this idea on the google fiber forums. (click +1 on the right)
We’re trying to get them to allow port opening on ipv6.!topic/fiber/uncAs6Heg_c

Port Forwarding:
To edit your google fiber port forwarding go to click “My Fiber”, and then Network.

To edit your non-google fiber port forward settings, either type ‘ip route’ in linux, or ‘ipconfig’ in windows to find your default gateway, and go there with a browser (like firefox or chrome). Go to if you need help.

How to find your world routable google ip addresss:
google ‘what is my ip’, or go to

DNS Name:
To get a dns name gives them away for free.
You can use google dns as well. (google it)

google letsencrypt

SSH Keys:
you should use ssh keys instead of passwords because it’s more secure, google ‘ssh keys’

Github education (get free stuff):

Setting up a home server

Start your own home server

Thursday Oct 27, 2016 we will be having a workshop on setting up your own home server. This could be for anything, a blog, a torrent server, a minecraft server, an owncloud server. Whatever you want to do, we probably have someone who can help. We will be going over things like DNS, how to port forward on home routers, apache, php, ssh, https, and letsencrypt.

This will be an interactive workshop so come with questions and we will do our best to answer them.

Location: 111 TMCB BYU
Time: 7:00PM Oct 27 2016

History of Linux

This Thursday we will be having Doran Barton from BlueHost giving a presentation on the history of Linux and Open Source Software. This will be something interesting whether you use Linux or not. There will be pizza provided by Utah Open Source.

Location: 111 TMCB BYU
Time: 7:00PM Oct 13 2016

Learning Git

Learn the use cases of the Git source code version control application. We will discuss how you can commit, revert, and branch your code so that you can protect your code. Discussion will also focus on how Git is used in the community as a distribution system and collaboration tool.

We will also have the opportunity to help SUSE test a beta release of their distro.

There will be pizza provided by SUSE.

We will meet in room 111 in the TMCB at 7:00 Wednesday September 28

Give feedback at:

Beginners Guide to Linux

The first meeting of the semester will be this Thursday, Sept 15th in room 111 TMCB at 7:00

There will be pizza provided by Utah Open Source

Come learn about basic Linux topics including:
How to install software
Different way to install software
Difference between Windows, Mac and Linux
Linux distros
Basic cli
Learn what to search for your problems
Open source vs Closed source
Show that you can fix bugs and submit

Install Fest

The Linux club will be having their installfest September 8th in the commons area in the TMCB by the panda statue from 10am to 5pm. We will be helping anyone install Linux on their machine (We will be focusing on doing so in a virtual machine using Virtualbox). We can also help with other circumstances, just come and ask.

BYU Linux/UTOS Assembling Desktops for Refugees

815 West 1250 South, Orem, UT

Setup for the project will be from 10:00 to 12:00 and then the actual project will go from 12:00 – 3:00. Afterwards you are free to stay and play video games or board games until midnight.

Some tasks include:
– Dusting off computers
– Booting to USB drive
– Installing an operating system
– Diagnosing hardware/software problems
– Computer assembly
– Installing updates