Notes from setting up a home server

Notes from setting the Setting up your own home server meeting:

Like this idea on the google fiber forums. (click +1 on the right)
We’re trying to get them to allow port opening on ipv6.!topic/fiber/uncAs6Heg_c

Port Forwarding:
To edit your google fiber port forwarding go to click “My Fiber”, and then Network.

To edit your non-google fiber port forward settings, either type ‘ip route’ in linux, or ‘ipconfig’ in windows to find your default gateway, and go there with a browser (like firefox or chrome). Go to if you need help.

How to find your world routable google ip addresss:
google ‘what is my ip’, or go to

DNS Name:
To get a dns name gives them away for free.
You can use google dns as well. (google it)

google letsencrypt

SSH Keys:
you should use ssh keys instead of passwords because it’s more secure, google ‘ssh keys’

Github education (get free stuff):