Gaming in Linux

To prepare everyone for the coming workshop, we have compiled a few sources for learning how to game in Linux. This site has a great overview of installing games from the repositories, from source, and using wine & emulators for cross-platform support:

This site gives detailed descriptions and updates about games that were made for Linux natively.

You can also install steam from your repositories, or add steam’s repositories to your own (since valve has built their own distro based on debian) to add many more Linux games to your arsenal:


If your favorite games were made only for Windows then you can probably install “playonlinux” from the repositories and port them from there. This is a list of games that have been ported to Linux via playonlinux:

From the repositories and from source you can install console emulators for the Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo, Playstation, Atari, Sega, or dosbox to play your favorite console games on your Linux box (Make sure to obtain ROMs and ISOs legally).

Last of all, you can even use an android emulator (or the official Android SDK) to play games made for your phone on Linux:

Game responsibly 🙂

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