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    Welcome onto the website in the Pune GNU/Linux Users Group or PLUG. Our licensed roofers are community of GNU/Linux users inside the city of Pune, India. Boasting a really active email list with discussions covering a wide-range of matters from technical, installation and configuration help software copyright ethics and holy wars.

    We do lots of promotion and support activities with the formal organ in our group, the PLUG Trust. PLUG meets physically, hd car wallpapers once every month to exchange ideas and views, sort technical difficulties and drink coffee. But, beware! You might land up in the holy war. If so, charge on, swords drawn.

    NOTE : It’s observed that many people are found using PLUG logo without proper authorization.
    This doesn’t imply that PLUG is endorsing them or is otherwise affiliated around with them. The exact applies if PLUG’s logos, websites, screen shots, syllabus etc.

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