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    Last week I presented the Linux versions of some games and pastimes due to pre-computer era. They’re the applications that I always finish up installing upon the computers of senior citizens who ask me, ” How could I exploit this PC for games? “, but nonetheless they still are fantastic fun for everybody. I deliberately left chess clients away from that post, because I did not want making it too long and chess deserves (a minimum of) one whole post anyway.

    Therefore, soon I am visiting present the four graphical chess clients that I exploit and recommend inside the same scenario of my previous post. hd car wallpapers Let me shortly summarize what that scenario is, before taking a look at the software : end users who, in almost all cases, have quite old computers that would not bear a compiler even when I had enough time to make use of it, without continuous Internet access.

    That’s the reason I only consider native Linux programs that can be found as binary packages for the most prevalent GNU/Linux distributions, that do not need Internet access to carry out their job, and utilize local chess engines with the very same characteristics. Over time this choice has led me towards the four applications presented below. Please note that, even when ” no need to the Internet ” remains a must-have feature for myself, all of those programs do let you play online along with users, either directly or through portals much like the Free Internet Chess Server. Another common feature is that the possibility to suspend a game, save it into your file and resume it later.

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