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    When the First attendee to hitch will certainly be presenter option is enabled in Site Administration, this program is enabled in a natural way inside the meeting scheduler on your own WebEx site. Additionally it is enabled inside the default meeting template which you use in WebEx Productivity Tools for scheduling WebEx meetings with Microsoft Outlook. Custom meeting templates which have been created by users are definitely not impacted. If a number schedules meetings using custom templates and wants to possess the very first attendee to hitch the meetings automatically become the presenter, the host must manually enable the setting inside the custom templates.
    Network-based recordings

    Network-based recordings need a minimum bandwidth of 2. 0 Mbps to play smoothly ; otherwise, pausing might occur.
    Linux not supported for MP4 playback in non-WebEx video meetings

    Linux users cannot start or join a non-WebEx Video Conferencing meeting which has enabled MP4 playback. They obtain a warning message indicating their operating system Isn’t supported for that meeting, because Linux only supports ARF recording format.
    Active audio-only meetings recycled

    Audio-only meetings are recycled based on the 90-day meetings recycle period, or 180-day recurring meetings recycle period, even when the meetings were hosted or joined within that time period.
    Personal Rooms

    Automatically lock Personal Room—This option applies only when hosts enter their Personal Room by using the WebEx application. live streaming net tv If hosts enter their Personal Room a video device or application, the feature Isn’t applied.

    Notify host—If a lot greater than one attendee selects the Notify Host button in inside a 5-minute period, WebEx sends only 1 email notification while using names of each of the attendees. The email notification will show less than 5 attendee names. This feature Isn’t yet supported on mobile devices.

    Telephony service provider (TSP) audio—For some WebEx sites which use third-party telephony service providers, TelePresence users may not be able to hitch WebEx video conferencing meetings or start Personal Room meetings until they have got specified the toll phone number to the teleconference provider. To avoid this concern inside a meeting, It’s recommended that hosts specify the toll variety of the TSP audio service with their Preferences when organising their Personal Rooms.

    Other Teleconference—For a number of WebEx sites which use Other Teleconference being an audio selection, when the Other TeleConference option is selected, Personal Room could be started with no audio. To avoid this concern, It’s highly recommended that site administrators replace the site audio settings.

    Browser—Due to special security controls, should a PC user has to hitch one Personal Room from two tabs in one browser as two attendees, the Personal Room is allowed to identify one attendee officially.

    Linux systems, BlackBerry 10 devices, and Windows 8 phones—You cannot start or host a meeting with your Personal Room using Linux systems, a BlackBerry 10 device, or perhaps a Windows Phone 8 device.

    Personal Room lobby—Users on the following devices or systems cannot wait inside the lobby even if a Personal Room is locked : Linux systems, TelePresence devices, Windows Phone 8 device, and BlackBerry 10 devices. Additionally users who join just the audio portion on the meeting cannot wait inside the lobby even if a Personal Room is locked. These users will obtain a message that the space is locked, and may not manage to join until the space is unlocked.

    For additional issues that affect Personal Rooms and WebEx video conferencing, see Cross-platform Features and Known Issues.

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