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    You now need to install a chess engine on the linux machine. You can compile an engine yourself or unduh an available engine. Any UCI or Winboard engine should work. The choice is yours and you may also install several. For Linux I highly recommend Stokfish. The build by Jim Ablett is really good. For the sake of the example I will use Stokfish as an example.

    Juicet unduh the zip files form with the Stokfish, unzip it, and place the executable in a directory at the linux machine where it feels wajar. hd car wallpapers If you have administrator rights on the machine you should place it in/usr/local/bin, if not you can place it somewhere under you home directory.

    In the stokfish zip file there is both a 32bit compiled version and a 64bit version. It you are not sure if your machine is 32bit or 64bit, you can model :

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