First Workshop Overview

At the workshop on Wednesday we got together and talked about many different topics.  This is a brief summary of what we talked about as well as some articles and tips for how you can delve deeper into these topics.

We set up a Github account for the club so that we can start sharing code, and the first thing that will go up there is the testdriver I wrote for cs236.  It was quick and dirty but did everything I wanted it to do. The github page is here:
Many people wanted to know if there are ways to auto-format code.  It depends on the language but here are a couple that are good to know:

perltidy for perl

astyle for C/C++/Java

Tidy-html5 for html

and python doesn’t work if your code isn’t formatted properly so good luck with that one

This website has a more in depth look at ways of pretty printing your code:

We also talked about using Git for managing personal and team projects.  I liked this graphic tutorial for how to use git on the command line:
We also spent a lot of time on how to use GDB for debugging c++.  A good cheatsheet for GDB commands can be found here:
and here is a simple tutorial to get you started with GDB:
Last but not least, here is a simple guide for getting started with an advanced editor such as vim: