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Workshop Tonight!

Tonight at 7:00 PM in 1170 TMCB will be our monthly workshop. As always
you can come with any Linux question. If you need help with installation,
bugs, scripting, or using the terminal then there will be many equipped
minds ready to help.

The theme we are going to focus on outside of any questions that are
brought up will be “Gaming in Linux”. If you have games or other programs
that were made for other OSs or platforms, then this will be a great
opportunity to learn how to get those programs working in Linux.

Plug Meeting October 2015

There is a PLUG meeting tomorrow night at 7:30pm. We will be meeting by the Panda in the Talmage at 7:00pm to carpool over there if you are interested in going.

Details can be found by clicking on the picture below:


Upcoming Meeting Details

Today at 7:00 PM we will be having Mike Latimer from SUSE. He currently manages the Virtualization engineering team and he will talk about Virtualization.

Mike Latimer has worked in the technology industry for over 22 years. During this time, he has provided back-line support, in-depth training and engineering contributions for products such as Novell GroupWise, eDirectory and SUSE Linux. He is also a published author and regular speaker at public events such as Novell Brainshare and SUSE’s SUSEcon.
Mike officially joined the SUSE Virtualization engineering team almost two and a half years ago, and has been been working on virtualization technology exclusively ever since. He currently manages the Virtualization engineering team, but still finds time to contribute code for several products – many of which will be mentioned tonight.


There will be pizza provided by Utah Open Source.  They have a few flash drives and notebooks to give away at the meeting so be sure to show up early!

The location of the meeting is 1170 TMCB which is the only auditorium in the Talmage buiding. You can park in Lot 16A which is due north of the Talmage building.




Also, We will be going over how to set up your own GPG key then have a short signing party.  If you don’t know what a GPG key is, how it works, or why we would need to have a keysigning party then I would highly recommend checking out this article for an in-depth description:


First Workshop Overview

At the workshop on Wednesday we got together and talked about many different topics.  This is a brief summary of what we talked about as well as some articles and tips for how you can delve deeper into these topics.

We set up a Github account for the club so that we can start sharing code, and the first thing that will go up there is the testdriver I wrote for cs236.  It was quick and dirty but did everything I wanted it to do. The github page is here:
Many people wanted to know if there are ways to auto-format code.  It depends on the language but here are a couple that are good to know:

perltidy for perl

astyle for C/C++/Java

Tidy-html5 for html

and python doesn’t work if your code isn’t formatted properly so good luck with that one

This website has a more in depth look at ways of pretty printing your code:

We also talked about using Git for managing personal and team projects.  I liked this graphic tutorial for how to use git on the command line:
We also spent a lot of time on how to use GDB for debugging c++.  A good cheatsheet for GDB commands can be found here:
and here is a simple tutorial to get you started with GDB:
Last but not least, here is a simple guide for getting started with an advanced editor such as vim:

Video page added to Linux Club Website

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. Results can be found here at the bottom of the page.  The survey is staying open for latecomers so please don’t put in multiple responses.  If you have further comments or suggestions you can contact us directly. Our friend Doran Barton recorded our Opening Social and if you missed it or need a review you can watch it at

First Workshop

We sent out an email inviting everyone to the Linux workshop next week. This is a great opportunity for us to collaborate and help each other learn more about Linux. If you are in a CS class then you are welcome (after asking permission from your professor) to invite members of your class to the workshop.

We will have stations set up for installing Linux and we also have some CS 236 veterans that are going to show how to debug efficiently using GDB and share test drivers and Linux tools with students who are currently taking CS 236.

If you have a skill you would like to share at the workshop then post in the comments below or send an email to

We already have members committed to helping with beginner/intermediate stuff, but if you are willing to work with advanced Linux Users on Kali or Arch Linux then we definitely need you!

Post Opening Social

Last night we had a very sucessful opening social. Thanks to everyone who showed up! Thanks to Andres Betts for being our speaker, Doran Barton for recording, and Victor Villa for providing the pizza.


Doran wrote up a blog post about the meeting, which you can find here.



Opening Social Tonight

Today at 7:00 PM is our Opening Social. We will have a speaker from bluehost come down and give a presentation on what Linux is, how it is used in industry, and why you should use it.


The location of the social is 1170 TMCB which is the only auditorium in the Talmage building. You can park in Lot 16A which is due north of the Talmage building.