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Computers for Refugees

We are getting Linux installed on computers so they can be given to the Syrian refugees. We have a car pool that will be gathering by the panda in the tmcb at 9:30, or you can just meet us there at the brc. If you come late, you may have to get a hold of someone to come open the door. We will have general conference on the projector while we work.

Saturday April 1st at 9:30 AM – 1 PM

UVU Business Resource Center 815 West 1250 South, Orem

IRC Meeting

IRC is the medium of choice when it comes to talking to the developers of open source projects (as well as many other communities). We will also talk about some cool tools to work with IRC, such as znc, irccloud, and all of the tricks of how to get them to work together.
Come learn how to get connected with the open source community!

There will be pizza!
111 TMCB 7:00 Thursday March 23rd

Python Workshop

Come get a primer on Python! We will be going through all the basic tools and modules that every python programmer should know!
Thursday March 9th 7:00 in 111 TMCB

Desktops for Refugees

If you want more practice with Linux, then meet with us at the UVU BRC next Saturday to install Linux on desktops for refugees. This is part of a larger project called “” which appeared in the news recently

815 W 1250 S, Orem, UT 84058-5986, United States
12:00 – 3:00 Saturday Jan 21

Learning Git

Learn the use cases of the Git source code version control application. We will discuss how you can commit, revert, and branch your code so that you can protect your code. Discussion will also focus on how Git is used in the community as a distribution system and collaboration tool.

We will also have the opportunity to help SUSE test a beta release of their distro.

There will be pizza provided by SUSE.

We will meet in room 111 in the TMCB at 7:00 Wednesday September 28

Give feedback at:

Beginners Guide to Linux

The first meeting of the semester will be this Thursday, Sept 15th in room 111 TMCB at 7:00

There will be pizza provided by Utah Open Source

Come learn about basic Linux topics including:
How to install software
Different way to install software
Difference between Windows, Mac and Linux
Linux distros
Basic cli
Learn what to search for your problems
Open source vs Closed source
Show that you can fix bugs and submit

Install Fest

The Linux club will be having their installfest September 8th in the commons area in the TMCB by the panda statue from 10am to 5pm. We will be helping anyone install Linux on their machine (We will be focusing on doing so in a virtual machine using Virtualbox). We can also help with other circumstances, just come and ask.

STEM Fair Volunteer Opportunity

Hey guys! You may not know this, but since the Linux club was started last fall semester, we have been unfunded and have relied on the generous support from Utah Open Source, Bluehost, Suse and some of the club presidency members. (Thanks guys!)

But now we have an amazing opportunity to get some self-earned funding for our club! BYUSA has promised that any left over funds from the upcoming STEM fair will be divided between any clubs who have members come and help with the event! The more people who show, the more money we will receive.

We are asking for volunteers to come and help out with both the STEM fair and our club. As a note, this will also be a good opportunity for volunteers to rub shoulders with a number of the employers present at the fair. If you are interested in signing up, follow the link and make sure you sign in as a Linux club member.