Notes from setting up a home server

Notes from setting the Setting up your own home server meeting: Like this idea on the google fiber forums. (click +1 on the right) We’re trying to get them to allow port opening on ipv6.!topic/fiber/uncAs6Heg_c Port Forwarding: To edit your google fiber port forwarding go to click “My Read More

Java Application Performance Tuning

In preparation for our last meeting this semester, we have put together a few articles that touch on the subject of “Tuning Java Servers” and “Java Application Optimization”. This next meeting will be extremely helpful if you are planing on taking CS240 next semester and we would recommend coming with Read More

Gaming in Linux

To prepare everyone for the coming workshop, we have compiled a few sources for learning how to game in Linux. This site has a great overview of installing games from the repositories, from source, and using wine & emulators for cross-platform support: This site gives detailed descriptions and updates Read More

Ubuntu 15.10 | Linux Action Show

Wolfing Down Ubuntu 15.10 | LAS 388 Ubuntu 15.10 Review Linux kernel 4.2 Stateless persistent network interface names are now being used GNOME packages have been upgraded to version 3.16.X Upstream GNOME scrollbars are now being used. GCC 5 and Python 3.x Support for the Steam Controller when you install Read More

Surviving in Windows

How to survive in windows for the times when you absolutely have to use it.  What are your best tips for surviving in a non-Linux environment?